Wednesday, March 26, 2008

only way to leave

Pranab's site...never fails to amaze me. Bring back something everytime...

Thursday, March 06, 2008


I wonder how many superheroes we actually meet everyday and pass by everyday without even knowing it.

The other day the company car was giving us a ride home after work. The traffic is really bad at those times and the car was getting stuck every now and then. During one of those spells I saw this man with a cane rushing towards my window. It took me while to realize that he was blind as he moved like a flash. I thought he was going to beg for money and my hand had already reached for my wallet. I was wrong. He just came and felt the car with his cane, stopped and quickly turned to the side and went around the back. He went around one more lane of cars the same way and got into a bus on the last lane. And no shitting, the whole thing took just one minute.

You had to be there to see it happen. It didn’t look like he was trying out a new thing. Seemed like he does it all the time. Taking on the mad Dhaka streets like that…you gotta be a true daredevil.