Sunday, April 16, 2017

29 skulls

Its finally done.
It was long overdue
To the dream retreat, 
A rainy day
A cottage by the lake
And a comfortable chair, on the deck.
Everything’s there.
Everything’s there; nothing’s amiss. 
Nothing to miss. 
Alone at last!
Now what?
Let’s see,
A cozy bed,
A writing desk,
The closet in the corner.
Let’s see…
I can probably use these
But what are these?
29 severed heads in the closet.
All wrapped up, nice and clean.
Faces unrecognizable; brutally bashed in.
But wait, I hear somethin…
Whispers in the dark. 
the heads, 
they talk!
what could they be talking about?
They ramble on and on about nothing
Repeating every worthless detail 
Making no sense whatsoever
Still eager to tell the tale.
As if any of it matter
As if any of it any of it ever mattered.
Dumb cut up head
Don’t know that its dead!
So 29 severed heads, in a closet,
Dreaming up 29 boring lives
One’s a plumber,
One a teacher,
An actress, an accountant, a preacher,
Even a shrink, that considers the rest
delusional head cases (pun intended).
None of them has a clue,
none of them seems to care,
That they are absolutely,
Most definitely,
Its ridiculous! Its uncanny! 
Its so ridiculous its beyond funny.
So I try
I try to talk some sense 
into their heads (pun intended)
But they won’t listen; they can’t.
(Turns out all of ‘em got
their ears ripped off)
And I still try to tell ‘em off!
Kickin ‘n screaming I tell ‘im off –
“You are dead!”
“You are all dead!”
“You’re dumb 
and ugly 
and rotting”
“You don’t mean a thing”
“So just shut the fuck up and accept it”
“Just suck it all up and accept it!”
And then suddenly in the midst of it all
It dawns on me
The one dreaming up the 29th skull
Is the deadest of them all.

16 January 2017

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
So true! Not many get it. Not many care. Still, good thing it is out there though. That way people can stumble upon it, and then think about it, and then...start getting it? Is that the way it works? Perhaps not. Perhaps it would only be meaningful to people who already get it, hear the music, so to speak, and people who don’t get it, well, they just won’t see it. Is that it?
That’s the thing, how does it actually work with “those who could not hear the music”? Why can they not hear the music? Is it that they can’t hear it because there’s a glass wall in between? One that can actually be broken? Then once someone breaks that glass everyone would be able to hear the music?
Or are they permanently deaf and no matter how loudly the music is played, for however long, they would never be able to hear it?
And then among those who get it, or think they get it, would be those who’d consider themselves way too special for getting it and start an exclusive club with other ‘special’ people in it and they would congratulate each other and dance to their special music within sound proof walls so that the riff-raffs don’t spoil it, and then after some time has gone by, it would be very hard to tell what music, if any at all, is actually being played. May be years later, someone with perfect hearing would walk into the club and hear no music at all; just noise or dumb silence in its stead. Perhaps there never was any music; or perhaps it has died long ago.