Sunday, March 26, 2006

Its not to be found

It is not to be found in ‘Solitude’

Carefully planned and neatly arranged.
You can try it you have the time,
And move the furniture around,
Will be good exercise and lots of sound.

You just wont hear the music in your soul.

It is not to be found in ‘Sacrifice’.

Carefully calculated and well advertised.
You can try it nine to five,
You will be crunching numbers,
Or punching posters and flyers,

Wont have time for the poetry in your heart.

It will not be found in ‘The Dark’.

Carefully sealing the windows or painting them black.
A plastic man in synthetic dark;
The blackness will say nothing to you.
They wont work - the fragrant candles that you light.

You won’t ever meet the shadows of the night.

It will not be found in ‘There’

It is not in crystal balls,
Nor in shopping malls.
It is not in special classes,
Nor in wine glasses.

You can’t find it there; not like ‘That’.

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Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

enjoyed reading that! u should have a genre of your own