Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A story from last winter

This is from last winter. Its not much of a poem, not much of anything. But I liked writing it, and I like reading it once in a while.

A pair of wings on a winter morning
A story about the human heart…
A story, trapped in plastic disks, told by electronic voices,

The actors play their parts.
‘There are no accidents.’
- Says the clever.
Yet, ‘accidents rule the corners of the world’
- Says the wise.

What triggers the events that occur?
Inside the chambers of a human heart…
It wasn’t the story in shiny disks,
Wasn’t the actor playing his part.
Was it the snow that fell from heaven?
Or was it the music that filled the air?

Outside the window it wasn’t snowing
Just another winter morning…
A thin curtain of mist hung loosely.
Was it the heart that looked out for it?

Watch the little sparrow flapping its wings.
Pretty little thing…on the other side…
Dives in, bumps on the pane, jumps back and forth,
Then bounces back and tries again,
‘Open up!’ – it chirps. Then
Dives back to find a thin branch,
Swinging up and down, looking at you…
The window is shut tight - ‘Cold stay out’
A fleeting moment on a misty morning
You, the little bird and the glass in between.

The moment flies; they are like that.
Little bird hurries away on its little wings.
‘You do not want them’ – the departing message.
The thin branch – the birds swing
Makes you wonder what might have been…
Still moving, up and down…back and forth

Lets get back to the story;
Its coming to an end.
The curtain falls.
The actor departs.

In a chamber of a human heart
A little bird grooms its little wings.

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