Sunday, March 18, 2007

The bullet car

I'll dance to the funky tune,
Howl at the moon,
And forget for one day,
What lurks at bay.

I want to shake off this skin,
Go for a spin,
Turn a new leaf, if I may.
I want to be the mad man
While I still can,
Go out in a big blaze,
Raise hell along my way.

I want to get out of this chair,
And throw it down the stairs,
Then run into the wall,
Bang the head and fall,
Make that last call,
And drop the damned ball.
If thats what it takes,

So help me God, my inner strength,
Or whatever the fuck you are.
Time no longer, Time to run
Go get me a bullet car.

[the last four lines were actually in one of my old ones. They were in my head all day today. Dug up that poem and then dint like it one bit. Then, somehow wrote the whole thing fresh. It aint much but had fun writing it, again. =D Showed ZB and he said, - "don't be surprised if one day you see all standing around you and someone in a cold voice say .. amit .. we need to talk my dear"]

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