Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Three cheers for ZB!

ZB left today. Guess it still hasn’t sunk in. “Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.” – read the official farewell. Well…we are smiling all right and showing all teeth. :D Who needed that fat SOB around anyway?

Hope you get there my friend. Its been good. Wont ever find a better man to work with. It is the end but hope it’s the beginning that many of us were looking for. (y)

So, ZB, why did the chicken cross the read? ;) Never mind the old crap. Here is to a new beginning. –



Nowal said...

amit, I don't like your word verfication thing - i always end up verifying their words TWICE.
a lot of my comments get deleted because I fail to notice how my first attempt wasn't accepted.
and no, I do read them correctly and type it in right. I am not dyslexic :P

okay, so basically, best of luck to ZB. you have AMAZING talent, know you'll go far inshAllah! =)

Nowal said...

okay, I think it IS my fault. I caught a mistake I made in my last word verfication attempt.

Weatherman said...

haha...dont beat yourself up doc. its probably the exams. :)

Z said...

thanks Nowal and of course thanks weatherman ... for all the great times but don't take this as a goodbye. as i like to use my muse a few of more times ... so keep you eyes open (or closed) ;)