Monday, April 03, 2006

At Mid Day

At mid day the weary traveler stood on the sandy beach of Equator.
He felt tired and dehydrated from his long journey under the sun.
Presently he found his way blocked by the enormous mount Decision;
Its steep granite walls offered no entrance.

On the left lay the vast sea of Illuminati,
Its blue surface glittered under the noon sun.
The foamy waves carried a message in a bottle –
“Ardent seeker, come to me.
I shall carry you far and away.
My waves will wash the dirt off of your tired body
The sea wind will purify your heart and
The brine shall heal all wound.
If you come, I will reveal to you
The mysteries of my depths.
If you be strong come!
Ride my waves.”

The vast expanse of the sea amazed the traveler.
He wondered with awe about the secrets it hides.
But the turbulent waves frightened him.
He had not the strength to go with tides.

Then he looked onto the right.
Where the woods of Life lay green and alluring.
“Come to me tired traveler.”
My trees will shelter you from the scorching sun
And bear you fruits.
I shall give to you the sweetest nectar and honey
For your thirst.
In me you will never be lonely.
Here you shall hunt and be hunted,
You shall serve and be served.
If you can live as one, come.”
The woods thus spoke.

The offerings of Life excited the tired traveler.
He marveled at the flora and fauna,
The chirping of birds and smell of wild flowers.
But he had not the heart to live as one.

Finally, from a shadowy corner of the woods,
Called out the quicksand of Truth.
“Traveler, you must come to me.
I know you. I have what you seek.
It is I and only I who have answers.
It is from me, that you came to be,
And to me you must return.
You have neither the courage to conquer the seas of mystery,
Nor the mind to be one in the circle of Life.
Still my child you have traveled far and have endured.
And now I shall keep you waiting no longer
Come now and I’ll reveal all.”

Trembling and shaking the traveler stepped in
He was aware of the consequences
But he knew now that there never were choices
For him and the likes of him.

When the sand came up to his waist he felt comfort;
His travel weary feet hart no more.
When the sand came up to his chest he felt healed;
The sore heart bled no more.
As the black sand oozed into his nostrils and
made way into his brain he felt felt suffocated.
But he knew it was not in vain.
Finally, submerged in the dark,
There were no more noises, no more pain.
And in the silence the truth was spoken in an audible whisper.
“Sleep now my son, this is it.”
And there were no more secrets.


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Zahid said...

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