Friday, April 07, 2006

Beware of labels

This is very weird. I am the type of person who is quick to label people, incidents or any other shit that comes my way. Still I hate labels more than I ought to. I think labels are misleading, deceiving and conceited. I see people running after labels all the time (including me), wearing the right cloths, assuming the right attitude and all. They work so hard on the label that they don’t have time to spend time on what the label was about. For example, lets consider poets, stereo types. They will almost always wear long hair, say stuff that may or may not have meanings, will have a weird look on their faces that’s neither here not there. Well, I guess I shouldn’t complain. They also write stuff from time to time.

Sometimes we use animals as labels. For instance, a lying, deceiving boy friend is often called a fox. Bad people are called wolves. Evil is labeled with bats. If u think about it, all those animals are quite nice. Cute too I must say. Just download pictures and see for yourself.

I think I am talking crap. Signing off.


dipu_1&only said...

dropped here by redirected from shakia`s spot ..

after reading ur post one song of metallica just hitting in my head ..

label you label me ..
i dub thee unforgiven ..

Shakia said...

Oh don't forget the Donkey!!! :-P Nah you are talking some sense..

Weatherman said...

Nice to have u in here dipu. Nice to know my stuff makes u think of Metallica! :D

Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

do not underestimate CRAP.