Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mercury down

Mercury is a test site we use to try out our recent developments. It is offline since morning. So I have a very good excuse to kill the time in here. Was browsing through the web gallaries. I dont know much about paintings, I just visit sites with pictures on them. Sometimes there are little stories with paintings of mythological, or religious events. This makes it even better.

Heres one that I liked. Its Venus and Mars by Botticelli. As you can see Mars is a tired tough guy taking a nap while beautiful Venus is watching him. And little 'fauns' (the li'l tykes with horns and tails) are playing around. Its supposed to be an allegoric thingy. I just liked the picture.

You can check out more of these at

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Nothing still

(I found this on my desktop. Might as well keep it here)

Obligatory confinementServing time - twelve to nine,
Waiting to see the sun go down.
Fading lights of the setting scorcher
- Picturesque but dreary still.

Anywhere, EverywhereEverybody's at it.
Humming, drumming, bumming,
Shouting, whispering and sighing
- Quietly enough but loudly still.

The wait is over,The Moment of truth.
Its quiet now - bit too quiet.
What do you wanna hear?
- Been told a zillion times but unspoken still.

Noises fill the air - One overlapping the other,
Not of thunder breaking the skies above,
Nor blissful music that sooths the mind.
- Meaning so much but nothing still.

John Cleese

I'm sure most folks know more about this guy than I do. For those who don't, he is the new gadget maker in James Bond movies. Yep! The tall, bald guy with a nice decent moustache. cut long story short, THE GUY IS DAMNED FUNNY!

If you have a thing for brithish humour, you'd probably enjoy this:

Monday, December 12, 2005

How bad do you want your ticket?

I’m just another one
In the crowd of nameless faces.
Tryina make ma way
Tryina leave a day.

Whats in summing up?
For the figure is just a number.
Yet, we’re all tryin hard, all pushing the luck.
Trying our best, to make a decent buck,
Shit hits the ceiling we’d all must duck.
Look sharp my man; make someone else the schmuck.

We are many. We are never alone.
The one next to me – my exact clone.
My brother! My foe! My mate!
We are all here, waiting at the gate.


Make Believe

I’m so darned tired
Of this game of make believe.
I wish I could run away
Or everybody else’d leave
I’m so freaking tired
Of this game of make believe.

You and me. Me and you.
Count it again – we are two.
We are two, me and you,
Me and you, we are through.
Been through it all; one too many times.
My lucky number; hell! It even rhymes!

So what brings us here?
On this wintry night,
The party’s long been over
-They’ve killed the light.
In the dark I hear a whisper
My lucky number? – It just might.

I’m so freaking tired
Of this game of make believe.
I wish I could run away
Or everyone else’d leave.

Cant someone get a little sleep around here?

Well, if people weren't bad enough, you got something else on your tail! One of these days I will have to do something about it I guess. Well, don't mean to drive off any of my readers (2 as far as I know) by throwing garbage on their way. Going back to sleep. zzzzzzzzzz..............zzzzzzz..........