Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don’t mess up my zen man!

Was reading Isaac Asimov’s Azazel last night. Recommend it to anyone who is lookhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifing for some clean, honest to goodness, ‘un-perverted’ (not a word) laughs. Anyhow, in one of the stories there was a reference to the quantum physics observer effect/uncertainty principle (or something along the line) that suggests that the outcome of a phenomena kinda depends of the observer and in some way or the other, the observer’s consciousness meddles with the outcome of the phenomena and thus, shapes the reality of the universe around him.

So, it is somewhat possible that an observer with a lot of negativity can jinx the world around him. Well, in the story there was a guy who called himself a teleklutz – a person who send Murphy’s law into overdrive wherever he goes. Got me thinking,…am I a teleklutz myself?

I’m probably worse. Been feeling that way for a while now. I don’t just mess things up around me, unconsciously, God knows I’ve been messing things up with my eyes wide open, for myself, and everybody around me. Then the world around me is messed up as it is and I sometimes have this feeling that it is my fault too! (Can you believe the ego on this guy?)

Anyhow, not here to tell a sob story. I went to bed telling myself that if I could mess things up by making things wrong, then perhaps I could straighten things out by …well…by being positive. Well, when you’ve been bitter, mad, angry and felt hollowed out and dumb for long enough, you’d try anything.

So I tried to go to sleep, playing shamanic drums in my ears and budda’s smile on my lips…u know, bringing on the ‘zen’ with all my might. The drums in the head kept on missing bits and Budda’s looked kinda retarded but thankfully I went under soon enough so that didn’t really matter.

Dragged myself outta the bed in the morning and remembered everything. Determined to keep up the ‘positive vibe’ I started on the way to work with the retarded smile from the night before. Well, 400 meters from home, came the first hiccup. Forgot my wallet.

But wasn’t about to let that ruin my zen. Picked up the pieces, and made it to work (an hour late as usual). The first smoke break (approximately 25 mins after settling down in my station, realizing that I should congratulate myself for setting down at work with excellent focus), - the weather was nice, smoke buddy was in a good mood, and determined to keep my ‘zen’, I was about to make my first unintelligent remarks of the day. Guess what, the universe wouldn’t have it. It wouldn’t let me ruin http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifit for myself or my audience. Stopping me from saying stupid things – now that’s no easy feat these days. Would nothing short of a divine intervention and that’s exactly what I got.

And it came the only way it could, the intervention - simple, subtle and a bit, just a bit, smelly. It came in the form…of bird poo. Crow to be exact, right from upstairs, on top of my upstairs. (Not to worry. No meaningful or intelligible thought got hurt in the process; all of ‘em vacated the location months back.) How very...zen!

And the day went well in the end. Saw some nice pictures. (I mean really looked at them) And also found this amazing video. Especially liked the bit with the angry God; loved the bit with the tree of life. Posting it here, as a consolation prize for all who actually stayed and endured this mad rant. :S