Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I wish I were a painter

I wish I were a painter
And a good one at that.
I’d paint these shabby walls,
The ugly doors, boring ceiling, the whole house.

And when I’m done I’d go out side
And paint the world!


Shakia said...

What colour?? PINK? :-P

NAB said...

If you wrote this poem yourself, then by God, you have a fan in me. I can't stand poetry for the most part, but your's is something I can read all day long. A lot like Silverstein's. This isn't his work, is it?! The more I think about it, the more I convince myself it is...

Weatherman said...

Yeah I wrote that. Thanks. I never read Silverstein. If I use someone else's stuff I give a reference.

NAB said...

sweet. then you DO have a fan in me. Love reading your poems. and hope you liked what you read in my blog. :)