Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Three cheers for ZB!

ZB left today. Guess it still hasn’t sunk in. “Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.” – read the official farewell. Well…we are smiling all right and showing all teeth. :D Who needed that fat SOB around anyway?

Hope you get there my friend. Its been good. Wont ever find a better man to work with. It is the end but hope it’s the beginning that many of us were looking for. (y)

So, ZB, why did the chicken cross the read? ;) Never mind the old crap. Here is to a new beginning. –


Sunday, March 25, 2007

random keystrokes

Well, it seems the trick to make things work is to mix ‘em up. Like, its probably a good idea to have songs from various artists instead of just one; sometimes listening to whole albums just makes you miss the one good song in it. And then, instead of hanging with just one person, its probably more fun to hang with three. Theres got to be variety. Sure, you probably like Hemingway and read any of his stuff that you can find. Or finish up all the Foundation books you can get after you read one. But then again, they arnt the only book you want to ever read. Is it?

Ok so you stand before a great work of art, a painting, a book or a movie. You really love it and you keep on going back to it from time to time. You say its your favorite shit. But you do take your eyes off of it to look at other things. You try to…mix it up I guess.

A person’s life can be a true work of art. May be he made a zillion sacrifices along the way, shown many Godly jesters, made many beautiful things. Or may be he just lived right. Think about all the temptations that came his way, think about all the times he shone through, think about all those roads he walked down and all those doors he knocked on. You see it and feel amazed. But do you really get into it? You read a line, you like it and you paste it on your msn. Even think how much pain and anguish he sage suffered to figure that one simple truth? You never do.

So, what the point of it all? Point is I got too much time in my hands to write and you my friend, got too much time to read. GET BACK TO WORK YO!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Imprint on you

I randomly separate stanzas
Maybe because of pauses in my life
That keeps me feeling safe
Like I can rewind on bad days

But its true that I like you, I love you .... and what not

And you smell like rain
In hugs and kisses
And all that....

~ From Writing poetry, Pranab Kairy

The picture and poem is by an young artist, Pranab Kairy. Tanm had blogged about him and ZB wouldn’t let me rest till I checked it out. Well…I guess this is what they call a true talent. Can make an average person feel mighty unworthy. :(

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Amakey Bebohar Korun

reject says:
may b....upload korar cheshta korbo
reject says:
and send u a link
reject says:
reject says:
use of office resources
tanim says:
if they catch you.. take a cyanide tablet
reject says:
hmm....good idea
reject says:

reject says:
hey...if u wanted to kill yourself....which way would u go?
tanim says:
hmmm... never thot of that one
tanim says:
i'd like to go quietly while sleeping or sometihng
tanim says:
not a fan of pain, or a bang
tanim says:

tanim says:
so, chemicals i suppose
tanim says:
maybe a ganja overdose
tanim says:
reject says:
ganja overdose will b hard to pull
reject says:
can go wrong
reject says:
u may wake up in a hospital
tanim says:
hehe.. i know.. its insane
tanim says:
but whats your point?
tanim says:

reject says:
well...there has to be one?
tanim says:
nah.. kidding
reject says:
naah...just think abt it...if u really wanna go....u need to do it right. right? would b rather embarassing if u woke up the next day with all sorts of ppl around u
tanim says:
oh.. accha.. .send the videos to my gmail account...
tanim says:
go hide in those garbage things, which says "Amakey Bebohar Korun" (Use Me)
tanim says:
cause for all its life, you have ignored it.... so let it be your final kind gesture to that which only existed for our benefit and we ignored it
tanim says:
tanim says:
i;m sure the smelll wil kill ya sooner or later

The bullet car

I'll dance to the funky tune,
Howl at the moon,
And forget for one day,
What lurks at bay.

I want to shake off this skin,
Go for a spin,
Turn a new leaf, if I may.
I want to be the mad man
While I still can,
Go out in a big blaze,
Raise hell along my way.

I want to get out of this chair,
And throw it down the stairs,
Then run into the wall,
Bang the head and fall,
Make that last call,
And drop the damned ball.
If thats what it takes,

So help me God, my inner strength,
Or whatever the fuck you are.
Time no longer, Time to run
Go get me a bullet car.

[the last four lines were actually in one of my old ones. They were in my head all day today. Dug up that poem and then dint like it one bit. Then, somehow wrote the whole thing fresh. It aint much but had fun writing it, again. =D Showed ZB and he said, - "don't be surprised if one day you see all standing around you and someone in a cold voice say .. amit .. we need to talk my dear"]

Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy Birthday

The day be blessed.
May the rain wash away the dirt;
May happyness and comfort surround you and your loved ones.
May you be reborn in a life of truth, beauty and love.
Happy birthday.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

dont ask, dont read

Catch phrases and clich├ęs sum up my life
I’ve walked the walk, talked the talk
And at the end of the day I’m here
Drowning like a rock

I have seen you, happy and shining
Playing in the sun, living a day
I’ve seen your houses, cozy and warm
And thought “may be one day”

And Now I know
That that radiant glow
Wont ever be the halo
Around my thorny crown

Not all can want
What everybody wants
Not all may have
What all must have

So why try to make a point?
Why bother sticking around
In this shitty li’l joint?
Didn’t I serve my time?

The pictures and songs
O they are so many
Faceless names, Yakov and Laney
What if the ghosts aren’t real?

May b I don’t care no more
Don’t wanna walk, through that door
May be they don’t mean a shit
May b I’m just a freaking bore

May be I’m just outta luck
Or may be I don’t give a fuck
You lose a hand, you lose the buck
Why in hell should I care?

You tell me theres a bit of God
In me, in you and all poor sods
But he aint really around much. Is he?
So I’m gonna go look for him.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

counting crows

Woke up late and missed the swimming slot. I made a run for it but the pool was already closed. Saw a bunch of crows bathing in the near by playground; it was flooded for some reason. Was quite a sight – the bunch of them rolling and flip-flopping in the sun. You could tell they were having hell of a time and you wished you could join them. Oh well…at least somebody got to take a bath!

Friday, March 09, 2007

A relaxing weekend (?)

What a day! Sunny called around 11 and told me to get dressed. We were supposed to go swimming. Packed up my stuff in a hurry and ran for it. Its been a while since I went for a dip and it was fun. The season just started and the water was great – looked all pretty and clear and blue. We played this game which Sunny called sleeping in the water in which you go down to the bottom of the pool and try to stay there for as long as you can. I barely made 16 secs. Sunny did better – 24 seconds each time. At 1 o’clock we walked down to the mosque. Sunny went in to say his prayers while I waited at the park reading. They were shooting a scene for a TV show in the park and when Sunny came back we joined the crowd of spectators to catch a glimps of the actresses. Sadly there werent any. Only a bunch of guys trying to look hunky. We got bored within a minute and took a rickshow to Chankharpool where we’d have our lunch at Nirob hotel. We had a great meal! The table was full of all sorts of small dishes; got to pick from all sorts of vortas (mashed dishes – local delicatseens) you could think of. And then Sunny had fish and I took beef. We were happy. A school friend called and asked me to meet him somewhere. Didn’t really want to go but said I would. Been a while since we left the school. Most of them are married now and have moved on; things just don’t click at times. And Sunny and I were having a rather good time already. We went down to have tea near DU (Dhaka University) library and then went down to Charukola (Fine arts institue) where they held the weekly painting fair (Chobi Mela). Neither of us know anything about paintings but like looking at them. I really liked the one titled “The bird and she”. There was another one we liked that had a form of a woman with a head of a bird. The saree worn by the figure transformed into a mermaid’s fin at the end. Quite extraordinary!

Dropped Sunny off on the way and went to meet my friend. It turned out it was a wedding. I told my friend I couldn’t possibly go in looking like the roadkill I was, with my torn sandal, shabby jeans and dirty shirt. Not to mention my messed up hair, bloodshot eyes and the unshaven face. Not that I look any better any other time but I do clean up a little before going to formal ceremonies. (At least I try) But I really don’t go to any with a paper bag, torn at the bottom, containing wet towels and shorts. Well, lets just add this to my list of awkward moments. What the hell, who says weddings can not have clowns? Anyhow, we had a great time afterwards at Coffe world where we stayed for too long. They had to ask us to leave after 4 hours. They were really decent about it. That’s more than I can say about the schmuck banging on the men’s room door. He wasn’t such a macho man when I burst out and asked him to hold his water. Dumb fuck! I am glad I went; we had a real nice time after a long time and that too without any liqure. Just that I was supposed to go see my granny at the hospital who is recovering from a major surgery and I forgot all about it. Now there is no time and I’m sleepy as hell. Think I’m gonna cancel the movie tonight. And I thought I’d get to relax this weekend!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Painted Veil

Slowing down after the mad week of working 12 hour shifts and coming home at midnight. Wasn’t too bad. Not been feeling anything. Not been thinking. Not been dreaming.

Watched a good one last night. Painted Veil. The directorial debut of Edward Norton and Naomi Watts. They also starred in it. Excellent! Am a Norton fan. The Illusionist was a little disappointing. But this one hit it all the way.

And Naomi. . . .sigh….sigh….sigh………she is…sigh…she is beautiful!

Doyal Baba

Been hung up on this for quite a while now. Shoulda blogged this earlier.

If I could I’d give the guy an Oscar. The lyric, the moves, the performance! Man! Poetry in motion! Brilliant!!

Found a translation at Modified it a little.