Sunday, March 11, 2007

dont ask, dont read

Catch phrases and clichés sum up my life
I’ve walked the walk, talked the talk
And at the end of the day I’m here
Drowning like a rock

I have seen you, happy and shining
Playing in the sun, living a day
I’ve seen your houses, cozy and warm
And thought “may be one day”

And Now I know
That that radiant glow
Wont ever be the halo
Around my thorny crown

Not all can want
What everybody wants
Not all may have
What all must have

So why try to make a point?
Why bother sticking around
In this shitty li’l joint?
Didn’t I serve my time?

The pictures and songs
O they are so many
Faceless names, Yakov and Laney
What if the ghosts aren’t real?

May b I don’t care no more
Don’t wanna walk, through that door
May be they don’t mean a shit
May b I’m just a freaking bore

May be I’m just outta luck
Or may be I don’t give a fuck
You lose a hand, you lose the buck
Why in hell should I care?

You tell me theres a bit of God
In me, in you and all poor sods
But he aint really around much. Is he?
So I’m gonna go look for him.

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