Friday, March 09, 2007

A relaxing weekend (?)

What a day! Sunny called around 11 and told me to get dressed. We were supposed to go swimming. Packed up my stuff in a hurry and ran for it. Its been a while since I went for a dip and it was fun. The season just started and the water was great – looked all pretty and clear and blue. We played this game which Sunny called sleeping in the water in which you go down to the bottom of the pool and try to stay there for as long as you can. I barely made 16 secs. Sunny did better – 24 seconds each time. At 1 o’clock we walked down to the mosque. Sunny went in to say his prayers while I waited at the park reading. They were shooting a scene for a TV show in the park and when Sunny came back we joined the crowd of spectators to catch a glimps of the actresses. Sadly there werent any. Only a bunch of guys trying to look hunky. We got bored within a minute and took a rickshow to Chankharpool where we’d have our lunch at Nirob hotel. We had a great meal! The table was full of all sorts of small dishes; got to pick from all sorts of vortas (mashed dishes – local delicatseens) you could think of. And then Sunny had fish and I took beef. We were happy. A school friend called and asked me to meet him somewhere. Didn’t really want to go but said I would. Been a while since we left the school. Most of them are married now and have moved on; things just don’t click at times. And Sunny and I were having a rather good time already. We went down to have tea near DU (Dhaka University) library and then went down to Charukola (Fine arts institue) where they held the weekly painting fair (Chobi Mela). Neither of us know anything about paintings but like looking at them. I really liked the one titled “The bird and she”. There was another one we liked that had a form of a woman with a head of a bird. The saree worn by the figure transformed into a mermaid’s fin at the end. Quite extraordinary!

Dropped Sunny off on the way and went to meet my friend. It turned out it was a wedding. I told my friend I couldn’t possibly go in looking like the roadkill I was, with my torn sandal, shabby jeans and dirty shirt. Not to mention my messed up hair, bloodshot eyes and the unshaven face. Not that I look any better any other time but I do clean up a little before going to formal ceremonies. (At least I try) But I really don’t go to any with a paper bag, torn at the bottom, containing wet towels and shorts. Well, lets just add this to my list of awkward moments. What the hell, who says weddings can not have clowns? Anyhow, we had a great time afterwards at Coffe world where we stayed for too long. They had to ask us to leave after 4 hours. They were really decent about it. That’s more than I can say about the schmuck banging on the men’s room door. He wasn’t such a macho man when I burst out and asked him to hold his water. Dumb fuck! I am glad I went; we had a real nice time after a long time and that too without any liqure. Just that I was supposed to go see my granny at the hospital who is recovering from a major surgery and I forgot all about it. Now there is no time and I’m sleepy as hell. Think I’m gonna cancel the movie tonight. And I thought I’d get to relax this weekend!


bodda said...

miss the nirob treat dearly!

take care! and the enjoy the week @ work.

Weatherman said...

Workk...U just had to remind me. Dint u? Sighh...:(