Sunday, March 25, 2007

random keystrokes

Well, it seems the trick to make things work is to mix ‘em up. Like, its probably a good idea to have songs from various artists instead of just one; sometimes listening to whole albums just makes you miss the one good song in it. And then, instead of hanging with just one person, its probably more fun to hang with three. Theres got to be variety. Sure, you probably like Hemingway and read any of his stuff that you can find. Or finish up all the Foundation books you can get after you read one. But then again, they arnt the only book you want to ever read. Is it?

Ok so you stand before a great work of art, a painting, a book or a movie. You really love it and you keep on going back to it from time to time. You say its your favorite shit. But you do take your eyes off of it to look at other things. You try to…mix it up I guess.

A person’s life can be a true work of art. May be he made a zillion sacrifices along the way, shown many Godly jesters, made many beautiful things. Or may be he just lived right. Think about all the temptations that came his way, think about all the times he shone through, think about all those roads he walked down and all those doors he knocked on. You see it and feel amazed. But do you really get into it? You read a line, you like it and you paste it on your msn. Even think how much pain and anguish he sage suffered to figure that one simple truth? You never do.

So, what the point of it all? Point is I got too much time in my hands to write and you my friend, got too much time to read. GET BACK TO WORK YO!

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