Tuesday, May 08, 2007

moon on the water

"Purify the five eyes, Possess the five powers.
If once you have known truth, you know the unknown.
In a mirror the body's shape is easily discerned,
But in vain can you grasp the moon on the water."

- Found this on Goatman’s post. Reminded me of something I wrote a long time back. Here it is.

I have returned from the sea this morning. Brought back a moment or two. An overwhelming depression is pressing down on my heart. There is absolutely no love left inside of me. There used to be a pain before and a certain longing. Even those are gone now. The salty waters of the sea touched my skin but left my eyes dry.

I have tried. Standing on a shore, bathing in the moon light. I have looked for my stars in the sky. "Fill my heart with love. Give me back my pain." Turned my eyes from this world and sought refuge in another. Got the answer but it wasn't the one I wanted. Couldnt understand them; couldn't trust them.

Sea waves ran to the sands. I saw the moon's reflection on the wet sands and on the water. Suddenly, I realized that I was trying to catch it. I had left the sands and went into the waters chasing after it. And, I didnt know it untill the water came upto my neck.

I was trying to see the full face of the moon on the waters. But, it just wont stand still. The moon melted with every wave that came but I just had to see it full at least once. And all along the real thing shone above my head.

I looked down instead of looking up. It moved farther away towards the sea every time I reached out for it. I might have gotten lost in those waters if I kept on going.

Do we search for the truth the same way? Make it all the more complicated to have it easy? Drown ourselves while chasing shadows. Then dissapear into the shadows trying. Or may be we turn around, look back from time to time and see the shadow following us close behind? Or may be we dont look back at all?

Just have to look up. Its there. Not an illusion, not a shadow. Just too far away.


bodda said...

you living on with life, i see.
take care mr.

goatman said...

A beautiful picture to go along with the ancient poetry. And your words betray a searching soul in need of grace.
I find that I discover most when I am not looking.
Thanks for your visit.