Sunday, May 06, 2007

hello again

Been a while since my last post. Been up2 no good as usual. Been staying online for hours. Thought about writing something, couldn’t hold the thought for more than 30 seconds. Went out of town with the office crowd. No ZB, no RB, Weatherman misses his old gang but it was okay. The resort had a pool. Got to swim a lot. Crossed over twice smoking the cigarette. Quite an achievement! Dont you think?

Lost my bracelet while diving. I’d lost it the last time around in Sylhet too. My bro fished it out last time. This time it stayed there; it obviously wanted to.

Got to climb up to the top of Madhob Kundo falls this time. Its nice up there. Had something like a natural hot tub. It was hard enough for us boys and Ishita – the Iron Lady made it look easy. Three cheers for her! Hip! Hip!! Hurray!!!

The youngsters played a lot many tricks. Scared a lot of people with that musk. You shoulda seen my roomie running for his life.

Advice for would be explorers: The five layer tea is really no good. Go for the super deluxe instead.

No rain the entire time.


Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

aah, heard so much about it... good thing you put a pic here!

by the way, shut that singer amit on the page (the one ZB made...) ...tomar blog-ay ashlei chilla chilli lagay dey....

Weatherman said...

:S Cant figure out a way to do that. If I put in a parameter to stop playing the movie...there is no way to run it again. Have to play with it a little.