Sunday, May 13, 2007

A crazy night and a crazy dream

Emon vai is leaving, so is ZB. So this Friday morning I thought about getting together for one last time. ZB came around midnight with Jaglul vai. Emon vai turned up around 2 in the morn. Poor guy is having a crazy run. RB bailed, the last time we tried to track him down he was headed for Aricha, being the designated driver that he is. Speaking about driving, I made a huge mistake telling Masum vai (Not our beloved bearded leader), Emon vai’s friend, that he was in no condition to drive and should head home. Well…I’m up for a punishment it seems. Hope I survive that one. Fell asleep around 6 o’clock and woke up around 10 to say good bye to ZB and EB. Had the most amazing dream ever in between. It was like this –

We were at a really great party where most of the office folks were present. Cheers and laughs all around. And then it ended and everybody went home. Then Mehrin apu calls me and tells me that she left some Therap stuff there by mistake. It turns out that there was going to be a ‘play room’ at the office, which is gonna have all sorts of toys and stuff. Kinda like a kid’s nursery. Now I’m not entirely sure why this was planned. One time I figured it was going to be a day care center since the newly weds are gonna start having kids and they will need to keep ‘em somewhere. And then it seemed adults can play there too….somebody read an article or something about how rooms like this at work places reduces tension and brings people closer to their ‘inner child’ and crap. Anyhow, it was just a dream, how logical do you think one can be in a dream? So there…there was gonna be a play room and Mehrin apu left the stuff at my place. Now, I went to check what they were and WOW! The bags had the most amazing toys ever! They had little bikes and helicopters that you can take apart and build again. Not cheap plastic stuff but metallic ones with great finish. There was this knife, with a really good blade and the most fantastic hilt. And of course toy guns! Then there was this canoe shaped thingie which I thought was a pillow. It turned out that it was not only a comfy pillow but u can unfold it to make a blanket. (Sign! Still cant get over that one) Then in the corner there was a stair case shaped box packed with….Archie Comics! (Who ever knew I still have that stuff trapped in my subconscious.) A lot of them! Now I was thinking like…hell! I’m never gonna give this stuff back. And then I thought I’d have to give them back in the morning but for the night they were all mine! Now should I check out the toys…or should I start reading a comic….so much to do and so little time. Well…good thing the alarm went off and the dilemma ended there.


Z said...

Did you by any chance seen any screwdriver in that room? Just that I can't find mine anywhere.

This reminds me of one of my most weird realistic dreams. I remember I woke up and tried to save it in my scratch book. Let me go look for it.

Nowal said...

So i just learnt this. you remember this dream so vividly because you were in a REM period of your sleep. must have been quite easy to wake up when the alarm rang apparently.

so the innner child in you desires toys and comics. apparently mine is superheroes. i have waken up so many a times in mid-flight, with my cape billowing behind me. hehe.

Weatherman said...

wow! makes sense when u break it down like that. I wanted to be superman too! Never had flying dreams though. Well...just once had one in which I was hopping really high and covering a whole lot of ground doing it. It was a nice one...felt as if I could really do it when I wake up. And oh...learnt to ride a bycicle in a dream too.

Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

as a kid i saw G I Joe figures trapped inside glass bottles (quite like those with ships inside) that were unbreakable. sheeesh.. what a nightmare, good thing they just came in destructible plastic wraps.

anyway, when is emon bhai leaving? please convey my best wishes to him! will miss him! dafinitely!