Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Feels just like those days

It was hot. The electricity went out to make us more ‘comfy’. A baby in the next building started crying. Sounded a lot like a wailing cat. I joined in without thinking. Guess the baby got quite a shock and stopped crying. May be it’s a good thing. Or may be it’d be a bad memory s/he will carry around forever. Sorry li’l fella. Dint mean to be a prick. Don’t take it to heart. Gonna meet a lot many insentive morons like these in the years to come.

Feels just like those days
A good 10 years back,
Smoked a hell lot less back then
Much less than a pack.

The world’d seem so big.
Had lotsa holes to dig.
All those years ago
When I wasn’t such a pig.

As I was saying
It was a long time ago.
Then may be not that long
Just 10 years back or so…

Had just given up a shell,
Was coming back from hell,
Brought some stories back
Was damned eager to sell.

A crazy time it was,
Many years ago,
They’d hand me a colored glass
Every place I’d go.

Everybody was there
Except for the muse.
May be she was there too,
I was just too damned confused.

Some’d beck and call.
“Lets dance!” – they'd say.
“Heck, you do it on your own.”
“I aint gonna play”.

They’d telll me to go ‘n fake it,
To claim what isnt mine,
I’d tell ‘em to go fuck it.
Cheap thrills suit me fine!

Feels just like those days
When the roads were many and wide.
Heck, think I’m gonna do it.
Gonna enjoy this ride! =D

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