Saturday, February 10, 2007


Cant say I went without. Have had my days. Had been a lot of things – the mystery man, the friendly ghost, the talking monkey, the weekend escapade, the dark secret, the sweet mistake, the disposable toy. Well…like I said, cant say I didn’t get any. Just that, for once, I’d like to cut it for real. To have everything that goes with it – good and bad. Like quitting smokes and taking showers and dressing well. Not like I didn’t try it. Just doesn’t go that way. May be I missed it and didn’t even know it. Or may be its just me. Oh well…

There's no doubt
The situation's dumb.
Hopeless even - one might add
Days go by - each one bad.

If this is not the case
Then would you tell me please?
Why do I act the fool?
Lock myself and loose the keys.

Why can't I just walk up
As a normal person would
And ignore all that hiccup
And say the things I should

Time waits for no one.
And it won't for me.
I must find my river
Before I find my sea.

After so much nothing
This remains to be said,
Don't bother my words
Just go to bed.

Wrote this during a psych 101 class. That was a long time ago. Things didn’t change much I guess.


Nowal said...

find my river before i find my sea. beautiful =)

Weatherman said...

lol...u know whats funny? ppl always told me to get rid of that part. =)

Nowal said...

i think it just makes absolute sense, because a river opens into the sea. you have to find it, trace it and then hit the jackpot.

the other way of looking at it is you have to start small to make it big.

Weatherman said... glad something makes sense. well...if you can find your will someday take you to the sea. but gotta find the river 1st.