Monday, February 19, 2007

bad start

I knew it was a bad idea when I agreed to go to the card game on a weeknight. Everybody was thinking about going to work in the morning and nobody really had much cash on them so you can imagine how boring the game turned. Tried to logon to the internet around 3 am in the mron and found the line dead. Ping…Response time out…
Smoked half a dozen cigarettes in the next two hours lying on the cold floor, trying not to think about stuff. Masum wont go to sleep and kept talking crap, playing with the phone and put all sorts of things in my head. Cell phones, wish they were never invented. They can be a pain when they ring. They can be a worse pain when they just wont ever ring.

Saw Foks, Mayasoom and Mastor getting ready to leave. I thought I’d stay in but for some reason decided to come home. Got a taxi easily enough and was real happy to find Foks had smokes on him. Looked out the window and watched the mad city slowly waking up on a misty morning. Was driving by the old airport and saw the whole orange sun disc rising, - a perfect circle. Was it pretty? May be. I was somewhere else. I hated it, all of it. I wanted to leave that road right away. I wished I’d never had to take that one again. I wanted to leave it all, the cab, the road, the city. Its over for me. I don’t want any of it and the city doesn’t want me.

Give me back my wings mean Skies! Give ‘em back so I can go away.

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