Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rediscovering Bangladesh in Asif’s flickr

Been working with Asif vai for the last coupla years. Under his gentle and sober exterior the guy packs a mean sense of humor. He makes cell phone games to kill the time. It seems its not the only thing he is good at. Check out his flickr - http://flickr.com/photos/a-s-i-f/

Man! This sure is beautiful country with beautiful people. Wonder why we never see it that way.


Weatherman said...

correction: Asif 'used to' make cell phone games. He doesnt do that anymore.

Nowal said...

they're gorgeous. especially the one of the boat in the greenish river in sylhet (1st page, I think)
and the "stairway to heaven"


i have learnt not to be impressed by the subject but the photographic skills. they're just never as good as the polaroid. hence, bdesh really isn't that pretty, by that logic.

bodda said...

ekusher shuvechcha

and say HI to asif. knew him thru taNm. face on, his silent self gives the impression of being a 'mummy daddy's chele'...

Weatherman said...

Nowal, :S. I just liked the pictures. :S:S

Bodda, Asif is a goodie 2 shoe all right. :) But he's still got a great sense of humor.