Wednesday, April 19, 2006

On Starlight

[So it rained a li'l]

I will not promise you,
The things I usually do,
Wonderful, beautiful, delightful little things,
Beads of pearls and emerald rings,
Nor enchanting moments, sublime dreams.
Instead I’ll be just me and you will be you,
I will, for once, keep it true.

The night is kind – its been raining.
Clock’s ticking – hour hand’s gaining
What is distance measured in miles?
But worthless data scribbled in files?
Skin on skin - still light years apart.
Pick a star my darling and give it my name.
Its yours forever – your own precious gem.

I’ll cross the seven seas, on starlight.
I shall go to thee, every night.
I’ll be one in the happy crowd – being fun and more,
I’ll be watching your feet, as they dance across the floor.
We’d smile and greet, when we meet at the door.
Some nights we’d be standing, on top of the old stairs,
And watch the skies above – layers upon layers.


NAB said...


NAB said...

sigh again. just re-read it. such pretty words, yet they're all merely promises of the un-real.

but gosh, pretty nonetheless.

Weatherman said...

A wise man once told me 'Its only as real as you want it to b. A wish can go a long way. Can you?' If you figure out what it means, let me know. :)