Sunday, April 02, 2006

Droplets in the Sea

Instead of fretting over how dull things are going, and planning on skipping a trip to do something ‘interesting’ back home, it is better to go on that trip. At least the ‘interesting’ thing to do doesn’t turn out to be wondering what might have been. Long story short, I am glad I went to the Sundarbans with the office folks. It was a very good trip. Good company, good food, good view all around.
And no! We did not see any tigers, that is, except for the ones on coffee mugs, posters and the documentary footage they showed last night. Frankly, I think it is better to be disappointed than meeting one of those cats face to face, who happen to have a nasty reputation for eating people. I am happy to be writing this blog today instead of turning into dried kitty liter in some desolate corner of the forest where nobody uses a laptop.

In the morning we took the boat to explore the canals, went hiking along the shore and through the jungle and jumped like babies each time we saw a deer, a fish or a bird. Believe me, they were well worth the occasional bee stings and fly bites. The beach was excellent; by far the most fun one I have ever splashed in. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon siestas on top deck; you’d love the wind up there.





After the sun went down we’d help ourselves to chilled beers and late at night, something stronger. The addafying went on till very late at night and everybody went to bed happy. On the last night we were a bit worried as we had almost run out of supplies but the last bottle turned out to be a god sent. We had the most amazing conversations on life, happiness, world politics, religion and what not! You know how these go; we’d go on arguing, agreeing, starting and abandoning threads and joking about the gravest of issues. The next morning I woke up with the sweetest hangover in my life and I enjoyed it with Jim Morrison, gazing at the soothing green on either side of the boat.

I was undoubtedly the happiest man that morning until I wanted to have a look at the poem I had written the second night on the boat.
Although I never got to read it a second time I was very much in love with it. It was one of those that come from the heart in the spur of the moment and you love it even if it is no good. It was one of those moments when it is not you looking for the words but rather words come looking for you and they came flowing as soon as you take a pen to the paper. I wrote it during ‘happy hours’ at night so I am sure many of the lines would have been very hard to decipher. But I loved it still and when I found that it was lost, it hit me hard. Never in my life have I felt that way about a poem, any poem at that. The anguish I felt, can only be compared with the anguish of heartbreak. Oh well, am over it now. For the record, the title was ‘Droplets in the Sea’.


NAB said...

aww. it's nice to know you had a good time nonetheless. loved your pic of the crab!
And I know exactly what you mean by writing in that "happy hour" of the night. Been there, done that. Final product: not my best. But sentimental value: indescribable.

Weatherman said...

The crab one is my fav too! He was a lot cuter though. You shoulda seen it walk. They break easily so I didn't touch it. :D

Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

good account of events there! one guy back in school showed me a song he wrote in his happy hours.. i am sure yours is better.. lol... joking.. you rule!!!!