Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lost in Introduction

My life has been like the poems (?) that I write, -
“Lost in Introduction”
(and a long and tiresome at that)
dwelling back and forth aimlessly
between obligatory emptiness and superfluous ‘eloquence’,
never getting down to that one true line
that’d write the rest of the story
in impeccable words,
meaningful, real words,
words that you can touch
and let touch you back.

Mediocrity is such a curse.

The story is never told.
The book ends with the prologue.
The song ends with the intro.
Love ends with no promise.

The journey ends with the thought, the ship never sails,
The day ends at dawn, on the bed of nails.
The story loops in circles with the same vague conclusion –


Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

biography *(*!?@

Weatherman said...


Morticia of Mirth said...

you need to get high on something..sugar perhaps..

NAB said...

there's no point. this was well-written.
but i have noticed that some of us writers (haha!) tend to start believing in what we write...not write what we believe.
putting it down into words cements it.
let's try some positive therapy here - writing happy thoughts might just improve our moods. hey, it worked for Seuss and Silverstein.

Weatherman said...

:S I really don't know what to say! :S Really, its not like I try to sound depressing...and not that I am either...I dunno...its just that when I'm cheerful, writing is not the thing in my mind. Does that make sense? :S Btw, thanks for the kind notes. Nice to know ppl care. =)

NAB said...

true true, guess we ARE the same then.
which is why I employ certaint tools like "pink clouds" "bubble gum flavor" to let my readers know I am not always morose.

you could talk about fuchkas :P
so how was your night of "drinkkkiiinnnnnggggg"?

Weatherman said...

Fuchka! Now thats not a bad idea.

As for my 'fun night' out, well, lets just say I wont be looking for that particular fun the next couple of weeks. Messed up my weekend plans; had to give away the concert ticket..:~(