Monday, October 29, 2007

to Nowal and Syed

Nowal keeps on complaining that my blog is too depressing. Well…I’d like to take this opportunity to dedicate this movie (yeah! I know I did not produce/direct it, BIG DEAL!) to Nowal and Syed, (popularly known as her better 0.5).

Hope the two of them will cuddle up into a couch one of these days, watch the damn movie and use up a year’s supply of tissue paper. :-)


NAB said...

how absolutely adorable!!! :D Thank you soo much! and believe it or not, cuddling and watching a movie is something I have wanted to do with him all along! So there you have it, our first movie in the list for that night :)

tissue, eh? hmm.

Weatherman said...


Brownasaurus said...

that is cool :). I haven't seen the film in its entirety (i'm a deprived N. American boy). We could absolutely do that. It has a Christmas theme btw, so something for the December trip Nalu? and we haven't seen a film together as of yet, just 9th inning baseball (go figure :P).

Weatherman said...

WOW! Now, I hope it doen't turn out to be a dissapointment. In any case, have a very happy Christmas and and more happier new year. =D

NAB said...

you're soo adorable amit! We both like christmas btw. The only time of the year when white people seem friendly and likeable. Okay, I kid I kid. Or do I? :P

and yea, we watched baseball together. he taught me bits of that. it was funny because we were rooting for opposing teams though. lolz.

Weatherman said...

Okay, that does it, I'm banning you if I hear the word 'adorable' one more time! You are ruining my brooding, depressing image yo! :@

Baseball...that sounds kool. I am not into sports much. Only like football (even if I follow it closely like once every four years). Anyhow...hope you two will have a fun vacation. Cheers!