Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rumble Fish

Father: Every now and then, a person comes along, has a different view of the world than does the usual person. It doesn't make them crazy. I mean... an acute perception, man... that doesn't, that doesn't make you crazy.

Rusty James: Could you talk normal?

Father: However sometimes... it can drive you crazy, acute perception.

Rusty James:I wish you'd talk normal 'cause I don't understand half the garbage you're saying. You know? You know what I mean?

Father: No, your mother... is not crazy. And neither, contrary to popular belief, is your brother crazy. He's merely miscast in a play. He was born in the wrong era, on the wrong side of the river... with the ability to be able to do anything that he wants to do and findin' nothin' that he wants to do. I mean nothing.

Patterson the Cop: What's the big interest in the pet store all of a sudden?

Mr. Dobson: They've been hanging around here.

The Motorcycle Boy: Take a look at the fish.

Patterson the Cop: You're crazy. You're really crazy. And, you know, I've known all about it all along.

The Motorcycle Boy: But they belong in the river.
[guesturing at the fish]

The Motorcycle Boy: I don't think they would fight if they were in the river. If they had room to live.

Patterson the Cop: Someone ought to get you off the streets.

The Motorcycle Boy: Somebody ought to put the fish in the river.
[starts chuckling to himself]


Anonymous said...

My favorite movie.

Weatherman said...

I loved it too...obviously =)