Wednesday, August 29, 2007


                      You hear it only in silence,
                                                                they say.
            Lifts your heart and gives you wings,
                                                          they say.
Did I get my wings?
                              No! Not really!! Nay!!!

May be guy was right.

They’ll put away the signs,
When you won't read them anyway.
God won’t show up at the same bar everyday.
(Or may be he's sobered up! Yai!!)

Or may be it’s a thing gone bad.

Words, words, words…
Bitter, cruel, steely words…

           Words, words, words…
           Scheming, annoying, buy by the dozen words…

                     Words, words, words…
                     Useless, faceless, loveless words…

                      Words are very nice
                      Words are deep
                      Words get you nowhere
                      Words you cannot keep.

What happens to the guy that cannot live
With the one thing that he ever had?

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