Friday, August 10, 2007

Not your fault

[Found this in the trash. Might as well keep it since theres nothing better]

It is not your fault my dear.
It is I who knock that door.
Cant seem to resist – the world of make belief
There I become what I hate.
There I stay, I flip, I forget,
That when the night’s run, everybody’s left
Theres nothing there, not even regret.

It is not your fault my dear.
You are not to blame.
It is I who ask for madness, play that silly game.
But what am I to do my dear? Must hide the tear
Got no place else to go.
It’s the ride down hills, gives me the chills,
Must go down below.

You have left and so have they
The rock, the river, the trees.
They’ve driven off far and left me a car,
But taken the car keys.

I know my dear, you don’t want me here
For it cannot be.
But I beg you dear, do sit near
When I tell you I love thee.
I’ll crawl back my dear, have no fear,
To the hole that I belong.
And there I’ll stay, day after day,
Till they’ll play our song.

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