Saturday, February 25, 2006

Alien Rain

(First night at Gangtok)

Alien Rain

This alien rain
    Doesn't do a thing for me,

This remarkably expensive,
Carefully orchestrated,
Obligatory charade,
    Is as cold as it could be.

The sound of it falling,
The unfamiliar smell of it
Its convenient timing
    Only irritates me

It gets you soaked but keeps you dry.
It lets you touch but never gets you high.
It charges you by the minute
But doesn’t get you through the night.
It can’t sooth; can only bite.

This whore of an alien rain,
    Is NOT for me.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tin Can

Good thing that’s settled.
Lets kick it outta sight.
So long No Good Tin Can
Scram! You heard us right!

Now lets look at something else.
Something not so commonplace.
Lets have it on the table
Before they show it on the cable.
Let us turn it upside down.
Let us wear it like a crown.

Got a good thing here all right!
No wonder its sealed on tight!
Now lets find out whats within…

I am keeping these

Things that we’re all born with,
Things that I’ve lost,
Things that I have traded in,
No matter what they’d cost,
Things that I could do without
But happy that I’ve got,
Things that stay out of reach
That labels me ‘have not’,

- I give up all of it.
And renounce all credit.

But I’m keeping these
Which you will never miss.

I wish I were a painter

I wish I were a painter
And a good one at that.
I’d paint these shabby walls,
The ugly doors, boring ceiling, the whole house.

And when I’m done I’d go out side
And paint the world!

Looking at tin cans

Looking at tin cans, looking on hard
From one of these angles it’ll look like a bird,
Or a bear, or a deer, or may be a penguin!
May be they are all true – all quite genuine!

Or so they say – the ones who know
What to call stuff – coke, smack, blow.

But guess what lad,
And this is rather sad.
Sometimes a tin can is
Just a tin can and not