Saturday, February 25, 2006

Alien Rain

(First night at Gangtok)

Alien Rain

This alien rain
    Doesn't do a thing for me,

This remarkably expensive,
Carefully orchestrated,
Obligatory charade,
    Is as cold as it could be.

The sound of it falling,
The unfamiliar smell of it
Its convenient timing
    Only irritates me

It gets you soaked but keeps you dry.
It lets you touch but never gets you high.
It charges you by the minute
But doesn’t get you through the night.
It can’t sooth; can only bite.

This whore of an alien rain,
    Is NOT for me.


NAB said...

This might be one of my faves :)

Weatherman said...

Lady! u got real bad taste in poetry!
:$ Thank God for that! :$