Saturday, March 18, 2006


I have a gift
Unlike many unfortunate souls
I can turn it off
To be better off
When the load gets too heavy
I can just put it down and turn away
I tell myself I'd get back
But there'll never be the day.

Why does it pain me so?
Why does it have to do be so difficult?
To hold on to it - to serve it.
Why does it make you bleed?
When it knows that you arent up for it?
It should choose someone else.
Someone stronger; someone who is nothing like me
And leave me be.


NAB said...

So you're paranoid because you THINK you have this gift? Is it even a gift?
I like this though. How DO you do it? :P

Weatherman said...
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Weatherman said...

Its good that you like it. Frankly I dont have a clue why I wrote that crap. I mean 1st i go on boasting how ez it is for me to turn off and then i go on whining about what a pain in gets. Finally, it seems as if it is written by a guy with a prophet complex. And if u knew me, u'd know thats nothing short of ridiculous for a guy like me. All in all its a bloody mess and I probably just made it messier. :$

Btw...thanks! You gotta stop being so nice to me lady!