Thursday, March 23, 2006


Thats what the stupid word that is showing in the word verification for commenting. I was trying to respond to comments on the last post and the stupid blog wont let me write anything on my own blog! Now this is the kind of thing that makes people see shrinks for anger management issues.

Anyway...might as well post the comment in here.

Nowal, I kinda wait months b4 theres a new one. I wish you wdnt say that though. Was kinda hoping to see some in your blog.

I went to GLab. Its a bangla med and u'd probably not know it. Graduated from a private uni here.

Shaki, stick to yours. They are way better than mine. :P


Shakia said...

Amit, I so agree with you :-P

NAB said...

see what?

Weatherman said...

Oh! I shoulda used a reference there. Was talking about the pictures in your head nowal. :)