Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pictures in ma head

[Still bumming at work. Feels like math class all over again. Not doing what I'm supposed to and writing crap on the notebook.]

You shoulda seen the pictures in ma head!
You’d love ‘em for sure – love ‘em bad.
You’d love the scenes and back drops
Real neat and sophisticated.
You’d love the people in there
And all the stories they share
And the way we all walk and talk
And drink and dance
Then surrender to the night
Give in to the trance,
All in a this crazy, beautiful world,
Where everything makes sense,
No malice, no lies,
No acting up, no pretence,
It’d blow your mind.
And you’d never look behind.

Oh well…they stay in ma head.
Can show you none – none at all;
Cant put ‘em down on paper,
Cant draw ‘em on the wall.
But trust me on this
Some of ‘em are real good.


NAB said...

I can just imagine. Especially considering how the pictures in MY head just haven't been letting up lately. Sigh.

Shakia said...

Ummm... do I dare to see them??!

NAB said...

so which school did YOU go to?