Thursday, March 23, 2006

Show and tell

Think the blog is pretty dry with too many words and not enough pictures. I am beginning to think blogging is not the thing for a lazy person like me. 1st it was just writing stuff. Then it was trying to get the spellings right and now pictures! You think its ez to deal with pictures? Not for a lazy bum like me. Here is why:

1. 1st you have to take the pictures.
2. Then you have to hook the cam up to your PC and dload them.
3. Then you got to look at them.
4. Then you got to look at them again and figure which one to put in your blog.
5. Then writing all that crap again for no reason.
6. Uploading the pictures. Tilting them and moving them from right to left and stuff.

Oh are some from my last trip.





Gangtok City. Not impressed? Move on the next one.





Pictures dont do justice





Lazy Afternoon







The tourist










A walk to remember







The road back?


Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

touristing where? where did you go?

Weatherman said...

Went to Gangtok, Sikkim. :)

NAB said...

so are you Indian or Bangladeshi? Because I heard that it's illegal to enter the zone without an Indian citizenship. But then again, my cousins did...they dressed up as I suppose it can't be exactly impossible, eh?

Weatherman said...

Haha. Looks like I followed in the footsteps of your cous. Or may be I am him. Who knows! ;)