Saturday, March 18, 2006

Shit Story

The three of them came out of the gate and ran down to the street laughing and pushing each other. Three cousins: lets call them 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
"You are damned lucky we dint stay in longer. We woulda drained you dry tonight." - says 3rd.
"What the hell are you talking about? You din't win. You just didn't loose this time." – 2nd disagrees; he was in the other team.
"Yep! And thats how it starts. Its a whole new game bird brain. Get used to it."
"Its a good thing we dint stay in there longer. There’s something wrong with the damned room. Cant seem to breathe right in there" – 1st speaks.
"Yeah! And its too fucking hot in there too!"
"I liked the old room better"
"Way better!"

"Say! Gotta hand it to you guys. You have gotten better at this." – 2nd starts again.
"huh?" – 1st stops and looks at 2nd.
"No I mean you play a lot better now. Make less mistakes. Not so much that we do."
"Is he trying to be funny?" – 1st looks at 3rd.
"He is trying to be funny."
"Is he funny? I dont think he is funny."
"Hey. Honest! I am not trying to pull guys are better ...and we have to take you seriously and all."
"You wanna show him how funny we are?"
"Lets do it."

2nd got wind and ran for it. 1st sprints behind him and catches him in 5 seconds.
"Gotcha asshole! I got something for you" -1st jabbed his fist on 2nd's back.
"Hey bro! I said I'm sorry! Lemme go."
"Yo! You want to do a joke on him too?" - 1st yelled at 3rd who by this time has lost interest in the race and is walking towards the cigarette stand.
"Hey I'm talking to you. You wanna play with the joker? What the hell! I go all this trouble to catch him and now he wont do anything! Oh well.." 1st lets go of 2nd’s arm.
"You got a buck on you?" 3rd asks 2nd.
"All I got is 75c."
"I got 75 too! that makes it 1.5!"
"You took that from me the other day"
"Yeah...where else would I get 75c"
"How come you walk around with 75c? Where do you get 75c anyway?"
" dont...u know..."
"Hell no! What do you do with 25s? Where are these coming from?"
"Well...the tea stall guy game me 8 of them the other day. I dunno what he does with those"
"Well so he game you 8 of those. But how come you always have one on you paired with a 50?"
"Fuck you! I have 'em for your shit!" - 2nd got impatient.
"Hahaha...this is nice. Why does he say he has 'em?" - 1st was enjoying the conversation.
"He says he has them for my shit." - 3rd replies.
"For you shit? Why is that? Whats your shit got to do with 75c?"
"I dunno. Ask him."
"Whats his shit got to do with your 75c?" - 1st asks 2nd.
2nd says nothing.
"May be he loves the way my shit stinks. But he never bought 'em from me though."
2nd shakes his head and walks away.

They came up to the bridge. They walked passed a tall man with long hair. The man is clad in rags and has a mad look in his eyes. Probably belongs to one of those cults that hang around tombs and incineration grounds. 1st thought about the time his mother told him not to go near these people cause they know hypnotism and steal young children. "Wonder if they really know something. They know something for sure. But how much of it really work? Well...there is a world for everything they say - everything in its place. May be what they know do work in theirs. They wont work in mine I guess, unless I want them to. My world. What world is that? If I am so in love with it why am in such a hurry to leave it? Oh fuck it! I got way too much time for bullshit." - 1st thought as he carefully avoided stepping on the bodies covered in rags lying on the bridge. "Wonder why they come here to sleep. May be its breezy up here".

"I think I'm coming down with a fever. Dont like being sick." - 3rd said unhappily.
"I dont feel very well myself. Musta been the stupid room." said 1st.
"Naah. I had this since morning."
"Oh well...hey! That looks nice!" - 1st turned back to look at the girl at the foot of the bridge. She pretended to be totally unaware of the attention given her and tried to look busy with her cell phone. But she got caught trying to steal a glance at 2nd.
"Hahaha! They could never resist him!"
"That was a nice kitten."
"And a mighty odd one too. Some thing fishy going on in there!"
"Huh? What do you mean not right? You are trying to say she's a whore? Come on lad! Her mother and brother was there too!"
"What are you talking about? She was alone."
"Like hell she was! Was so into the nasty world in your head you missed her whole family standing a few feet away trying to get a cab. You sick fuck! Why would you say a thing like that about a nice decent girl?"
"Come now! How do you know she is a decent girl?" - 3rd protested.
"Just shut the fuck up you jerk!" - 1st looked mad.
3rd shut up.

"Now thats a pretty moon!" - 1st looked at the sky through the branches of the trees.
"A beautiful piece of the sky, the most incredible moon - done that. The poor folks on the street - done that too. Hell! I've been walking these streets for too long."
1st flicked the smoke off towards a tree. The burning tip broke into splinters as it hit the trunk. 1st looked pleased.
"Why do you think that cop is there?" - 2nd pointed towards a patrolman.
"I have a feeling you are gonna tell us."
"I think he is there to catch people carrying booze."
"Huh? What makes you think so?"
"You know...the bar is close."
"Close? Its on the other side of the highway 4 blocks away. Dont you think people might want to take other roads closer from it? Lets say...if they are not too drunk? The cop isn’t drunk. Is he? Still he is so smart that he chooses to guard a road four blocks away? Not the one on right, not the one in left or the one right on the other side of the highway? He's there to catch drunk folks who are so wasted that they wont take any of those roads and walk all the way down 3 blocks...and then cross the highway and not get run over and then walk another 2 blocks, carrying booze, all to walk right into his trap? You are a fucking genius!"
"Cops are suckers for money you know." - 2nd said gravely.
"Yeah! And you are a freaking moron! Shut the fuck up!!"

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