Monday, August 06, 2007

The Mind of Absolute Trust

Yet another amazing thing I found in goatman’s blog. This one explains it all -


goatman said...

Thanks for the reference. Apparently my source didn't relate the entire poem. I will update my post with all of the words that the poet intended. Its the least I can do.
Heard on the news that your area has had bad flooding. We are having bad heat and drouth in midwest us. I hope that you didn't get too wet!

Weatherman said...

That’s just great! I’ll look for updates in your blog. Lovely ducks btw.

Thanks for your concern. Yeah…the flood is pretty bad this year. So much for the romantic monsoon. Real messy business; crop damage, food and water shortage, diseases – the works. The no good political parties are happy though. Gives them an opportunity to come out of their holes and do what they do best – trying to bank on misery. The NGOs are probably happy to have some good pictures of hungry people to put on their annual reports. Oh well…guess I should shut up cause I am not helping anyway. I’m not getting wet at all. Totally dry and comfy.