Monday, February 27, 2017


In the end it gets down to
Just the two
Not four, not six
just the two
stuck in a disfunctional relationship

one to unite
the other to repel
neither exists without the other

'exists' a helpful word here
can anything 'exist'
if there is no state of 'non-existance'?

think about it
I mean really think about it

does a 'yes' mean anything
without there being a 'no'?

and that's pretty much it
just the two
mirror images
looking so much alike
you'd think they are but one
and that only one is true
and you'd be right too...sort of

if you say
that one
is but
the absense of the other
you'd be right, but...

here's the thing
and computer people would get this
is the 1
any more real
than the '0'ther?

Think about it
I mean really think about it

for the 1 to be
it has to not be
for the 1 to not be
it has two be.

It really is that simple
And that's what its all about.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Keep on thinking how good it’d feel
To shed this skin
To peel it off, nice and clean.
Then look in the mirror and see
If the face in there looks like me.

Time runs past,
Leaving dust
Dust on my skin
How long it’s been?
Since you’ve known what I mean?

Flesh on flesh, too much too soon
Look at the time - its half past noon!
Use your hands now, dig in deep,
So much there you cannot keep
Rotting meat ‘n a sack of shit.

Keep on thinking how good it’d feel
To be rid of the smell…of yesterday’s kill
To walk down naked, without a skin
And not care how long it’s been
Since the sun has warmed your guts.