Friday, July 10, 2009

a lucky mistake

Ended up watching Outlanders (2007) instead of Outlander (2008). Wish I'd make more mistakes like these.

And oh, did I mention I managed to fall in love (again) in the process? She is Alexis Raben, the actress playing Anna in the movie. She is absolutely brilliant and extremely beautiful (sigh...) and has a double major in Film studies and Psychology! I'm sorry Naomi, but I would have to take you down from the desktop. I love you too, but there is just not enough room there. I'm sure u'll understand. :)

Monday, July 06, 2009


Just finished watching the 3rd season of Dexter. (No I don’t have anything better to do in the summer.) It’s a popular show about a serial killer who kills other serial killers. Like all shows of this kind, its strangely addictive. I mean…u get to watch a guy slicing other guys and get away with it, without feeling any guilt whatsoever! And if even that doesn’t float your boat, there’s the sex scenes with ample nudity. TV’s never been better!

I mean…its simply brilliant! It takes a lot to cut it with the viewers these days. Violence has to be taken to this whole new level. And the hero here is freaking amazing! He just doesn’t kill people, he cuts them up into pieces, wraps them in bundles and feeds the fishes. And today’s viewers cant be too naive…I mean…nothing is black and white u know…its all gray and today’s viewers are kool enough to handle it. I mean…after all, he is just killing the bad people, and not like he can help it…he is putting his need to kill to good use, to clean up the streets! And not like the show says he’s okay…it makes it clear that he’s a monster and not all can handle it. Bull shit!

No matter how nice the monologues may sound…its all bull! The thing here is pretty simple…all of it is sick. The idea of the show, they way it can attract us and the fact that we have gotten to a stage where this can be openly dished out says a lot about how we r evolving as a race. Heck its not just the killing bit…the show is dishing out some other fantastic ideas too. For example, it’s a ‘scientific fact’ (?) that serial killers are born to be serial killers. Cause they have a specific type of brains! (Yep, that’s right, it’s apparently a gene thing, so, yeah, a serial killer’s relatives are also likely to be serial killers!). And oh yes, we should understand that serial killers are just…different u know…may be even better…like they are supreme the Lion! Fucking fantastic!

Wonder what else we can expect on TV? How about a little incest? Nothing like a li’l guilty pleasure to make your day. U know…it doesn’t have to be all bad…after all, it was quite okay in ancient times…it keeps the blood pure. Any may be it would be something that’s absolutely necessary for the survival of the species after a messy war or global disaster or something like that. Heh…there could really be a show like that one of these days…and we’d be watching that too. Wonder if these signs mean something...