Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine’s

It rained all night last night. Can make one feel worse than they have to. You put the phone away cause you know it will never ring. Try not to think about things. Watch Northern Exposure, crack jokes with the brothers, the clock ticks away, ever so slowly. Go to bed early only to realize you cant escape. Try to put that away, think about things to come, the promises the future holds. When nothing works, gulp down those sleeping pills and you are done with the night.

At work you actually do something for a change. Go out with co-workers and have a good time at lunch. Crack a lot many ‘maggot’ jokes that work. “I love you dude” says your buddy to celebrate the occasion. Not too bad a day. Hope it gets you through the night.

Why do we need this day anyway? Its special for people who are already happy. And who aren’t at that place it simply makes them more miserable. Bah! Well…don’t take me too seriously now. Just blowing off a li’l steam. In fact I got a great many reasons to be happy. So then…I’m off to celebrate. Have a good one people. Celebrate love and beauty. At the end of day, theres only so much that makes it worthwhile.

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