Tuesday, May 22, 2007

it is written

Had my palm read for the first time in my life. During a smoke break at work (I take a lot of ‘em), Liton mama came up to me and asked me if I’d like to have my palm read. Why not! He looked at it for about 5 minutes and this is what he found out –

1. I’m gonna have a natural death. No bullet in the head. (told ya! Hah!)
2. Will have to go to the doctors once in a while; with nothing major though. (So there…no reason to cut down on smokes)
3. Gonna be happily married. (didn’t say how many times though)
4. Gonna have okay money.
5. Will eventually move abroad and spend a long time there. But the first attempts to move are going to fail. (sighhh…)
6. “You feel God very deeply!”. (At this point he looks at me with a puzzled look and it seemed he expected an explanation.)
7. I am a philosopher! (Lol! Okay, okay hold your gutts in people. More on the way.)
8. “Unusually romantic!” (:$)
9. Got a mean temper. Say rash thing at the heat of the moment. Good thing is simmer down quickly enough and try to see the other side of thing.
10. If a small thing helps somebody, I’ll go on and do it. (aww…aint I nice! ;)
11. Gonna do my life’s work after 40. (ahh….that gives me some time! =D)
12. My religious beliefs are going to change drastically. Will become a proper muslim later in life. (This is the one he repeated and underlined)

Seems Mama, the happiest guy at work, has been analyzing me for a while. No wonder it makes me a li’l uneasy when he asks me how I’m doing. He actually wants to know. (only fair since I’ve been doing with everybody since forever.) I have a feeling that number 12 is the actual message he was trying to deliver. But never the less, all of it was nice. In fact, wouldn’t mind one bit if the writings on my hands turn out to be true. Wont mind that at all.

The reason they forbid you to find out about your future, is that you’d take it all for granted and stop trying. Does that mean I will have to cut down on the smokes after all? Shucks! Its not fun anymore somehow!

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Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

arreyh... joss.! :))