Thursday, March 22, 2007

Imprint on you

I randomly separate stanzas
Maybe because of pauses in my life
That keeps me feeling safe
Like I can rewind on bad days

But its true that I like you, I love you .... and what not

And you smell like rain
In hugs and kisses
And all that....

~ From Writing poetry, Pranab Kairy

The picture and poem is by an young artist, Pranab Kairy. Tanm had blogged about him and ZB wouldn’t let me rest till I checked it out. Well…I guess this is what they call a true talent. Can make an average person feel mighty unworthy. :(


Pranab Kairy said...

hey thanks for featuring :)

Weatherman said...

my pleasure! Thanks for dropping by.

Nowal said...


Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

I didnt know his name was Pranab Kairy! I just looked him up on google. Well, i got to know him from the forums. very talented.

Weatherman said...

"I almost fell from my chair", -ZB's reaction. Can see why.