Sunday, December 25, 2005

Nothing still

(I found this on my desktop. Might as well keep it here)

Obligatory confinementServing time - twelve to nine,
Waiting to see the sun go down.
Fading lights of the setting scorcher
- Picturesque but dreary still.

Anywhere, EverywhereEverybody's at it.
Humming, drumming, bumming,
Shouting, whispering and sighing
- Quietly enough but loudly still.

The wait is over,The Moment of truth.
Its quiet now - bit too quiet.
What do you wanna hear?
- Been told a zillion times but unspoken still.

Noises fill the air - One overlapping the other,
Not of thunder breaking the skies above,
Nor blissful music that sooths the mind.
- Meaning so much but nothing still.

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