Wednesday, February 06, 2008

History is...

“History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake” ~ James Joyce

Hunt down a black man.
Peel the black skin off of his body.
Cheers and laughs all around as the black abomination screams in pain, begs for his life.
Hang his bleeding body and just to be sure, set him on fire.

I wonder, when you skin a black man or a brown man or a man with curly hair, do you find something different each time?

So, what sort of people do you find in a lynch mob? Were they all rich men? Were they all bad men? Demons with horns and fangs? Crazy psychos with a bad childhood? Poor sods who haven’t been brought up well? That’s not it.

For one thing they were church goers. And I’m sure many of them would be pretty decent company. Nope! Really don’t think people in lynch mobs were that different from us…us, seemingly regular people…walking up and down the streets, riding the bus to work, reading and writing blogs …Mobs bring out the ‘thing’ in us. In a mob, every body including the you and the me and the friendly neighborhood bumble bee can do it to ‘that’ guy just for the heck of it, just because they can. They’ll do it to some guy and pat each others backs and may be even feel they’ve done the world some good. And then they’d go home, eat dinner, tuck the kids in and fuck the wives dry.

And if the next day, they can't find a guy with different skin color, they'll settle for the same color, the same religion or the same neighborhood. They can always find a reason to kill things,...theres always a reason that makes it all okay.

destroy the barbarians…stone the Christians…burn the witches…whip the blacks…wipe the Indians…kill the Jews…hate the Muslims…

bodies torn from limb to limb…headless babies…women raped and killed…

Its okay! Its not me. It didn’t happen to me. It wont ever happen to me. Better him than me. Shit happens. They had it coming. That’s the way it is. Its all good. Its all OKAY!

Its NOT okay!

“What is laughter, what is joy, when the world is ever burning? Shrouded by darkness, would you not seek the light?” - Dhammapada 146


Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

did i mention that "Strange Fruit" (Billie Holiday, also sung by Nina Simone) is about lynching? Its also written by a white jewish guy i read.

Weatherman said...

Yes, I know. I wanted to upload that song here but my line was too slow that day. I guess I could put up a link but I just didn't have the time then. :$