Sunday, October 26, 2008


(for the real “homicidal nanny”)

I have forgotten you, everything about you

That adorable li’l face,- picture perfect innocence,
hiding all trace
of the bitter cruelty within.
Those beautiful sad eyes, gazing at distant skies,
would never fail to disguise
the madness lurking behind.
And those pink perfect lips, (ones I still miss
and God! Could they kiss!)
Would never show the serpent tongue.

I’ve forgotten them all.

And its been a while as well
In this cold, cold hell
Been enough and more - anybody’d tell
So then the mention of your name
Should not ring a bell.

Then why show up now?
Why? All these years later, here, now?
And why should I even allow
(to waltz) back into my life
With your fangs and your claws
and your claws and your knife
and slow poison my mind
and then stab me from behind
Why You!
who’d start off with the kisses
then fill my world with hisses
then cut me up in pieces
(and feed ‘em to the fishes)
for the joke of it

And you think I’d let you?
Let you do all that? All over again? Really??
Am I that crazy? Really??
Well actually…

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