Thursday, January 01, 2009


What do you expect on a new year’s eve? Well, I guess you don’t really expect much. A year has gone by, things have happened and you managed to get by okay and now, you just want to spend a few fun hours with your friends, enjoying a few drinks and laughs. And when the countdown is on, and the new year finally arrives, all you really hope for is a good start.

Didn’t have a great start this time. My fault entirely. Bluntly put, I was a mess. Drank a bit too much and things got a little hazy around the end. Somewhere in between I met a guy from Belgium, a French couple (they were just friends and the guy was obviously head over in hills in love with the chick) and a couple of American chicks I tried to fix up with Christopher (the Belgian guy). Doesn’t sound too bad. Ha? Well it wasn’t too good. If it hadn’t been for Mohsen, my corridor buddy, it woulda been a hell lot worse. If he didn’t stay on, and bring me back to home, I woulda been lying cold on the streets or get picked up by the police or something.

I threw up on myself several times on the night bus. (I tried to “do it with dignity” in that I tried to be silent and retreated to a dark corner and made sure its all on my own cloths but who am I kiddin anyway!) It’s a good thing I almost passed out so I didn’t really see if anybody took notice. The walk was dreadful. Especially so cause I twisted my ankle and lost my scarf and it was freaking cold out there. I somehow got home and threw my cloths into the washing machine and hit the bed.

I woke up a couple of hours later but couldn’t get up. I was still very dizzy and felt very weak. Had a bad headache and when I tried to stand up, my ankle hurt like hell. I hadn’t eaten well in a long while and I didn’t feel like cooking. I looked, smelt and felt like shit.

So how was my start? Its weird but now that I think about it, I think it was pretty good. Luck favored me in more than one way last night. In the morning I found my new bus card and cigarettes lying on the cleaning room floor. Its lucky that I just lost one scarf and not the bus card; that would have been terrible. A twisted ankle is much better than a broken one and last but not the least, I was damned lucky to have Mohsen baby sitting me. I am not used to being taken care of this way. Yep! The way I see it, I’ve made an ass out of myself and was lucky enough to get away with it and now a days, I ought to be thankful for all the luck I can get. Good start. Happy new year!

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