Saturday, April 28, 2012

“Where shall we meet again?”

“Where shall we meet again?”

“Nowhere but here
Once more before we meet elsewhere.”

“In rain?”
"It ought to be in rain. Sometime in rain.
In rain to-morrow, shall we, if it rains?
But if we must, in sunshine.”
 ~ Robert Frost (The Generations of Men)

So much has changed with blogger and I had no idea. Had a tough time finding the post options. Only fair I suppose...I don't write anymore.

Sometimes things bubble up in the mind...feels like there is something left to say after all. But its never convenient.  I'm on the way...have to do it later...hope I remember this stuff. Hey, think its coming...but its late. Need to get to sleep. There's always an excuse. Biggest one of which - its too damned scary, sitting down with a pen. Put that pen on paper and you know for sure...its lost. Forget about saying it right; forget keeping it together...there is just ...nothing there!

Nothing there besides self pity, self loathing, jealousy and hate. The bad kind. Kind that doesn't breed anything...except for posts like this.

But then, sometimes you flip a page...and find lines that makes your heart...just a bit lighter. It becomes just a little bit easy to carry yourself around. All that baggage...they suddenly decide to give you a break. For a moment, however!

God is a poet and poets are gods. Who else has the power to take you around heaven and hell like that?


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