Friday, July 06, 2012

Shape shifter

Man – a curious animal!
An ape that chose to walk upright
Hunt for flesh.
A confused animal with serious boundary issues!
Wouldn’t stay within his comfort zone.
Wouldn’t rest till it makes its zone comfortable!

An animal with severe identity crisis!
Some’d behave like wolves – fierce and ruthless
Hunters in a pack
Some’d be tigers – go it on their own,
Big cat prawling alone.
And some’d be horses and many are sheep
Laboring honest, happily bleeting
Taking their places in the food chain.

Not to be cynical – none too indignant,
None without honor –
The sheep – potent and alive
Horses – strong and noble
Tigers – majestic and graceful
Wolves – fierce predators, one with the night.
And pigs, and frogs and birds and house cats –
True to nature but then again…a lil bit more…

And then not just living things…
Man’s heart runs deep – deeper than the deepest oceans
Man’s will stand tall – taller than the tallest mountain
Man’s eyes see far – beyond the voids of time and space
Man’s shout frightens Gods – tearing through skies above!
Man’s dreams – make and break a billion worlds,
A zillion universes.

All that and just a funny animal
An ape that jumped the line…an ape that bent the rules
And continued breaking it.
A crazy ape that...wanted to be something else

Was it because he went mad?
Or did he figure something that all the other apes,
The tigers, the wolves, the sheep…couldn’t figure…

This ape somehow saw it…
saw It and became It…
‘It’ that flows throw all of it
making, and breaking, and binding it all
shaping and reshaping chaos
to meaning and back ..
He saw, he knew, he remembered
The eternal shapes shifter.


Anonymous said...

U wrote it?

weatherman said...


weatherman said...

I give references when I'm quoting someone else. :)

Anonymous said...

i know...just to b sure..

zahidur rahman said...

nope. can't think of any start ass comment.

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