Wednesday, July 13, 2016

String theory

I think I’m losing interest in ‘current affairs’. After a while, it all starts to feel like a crappy reality show that you just can’t seem to switch off, even though it’s just making you want to throw up all over. Besides, what’s the point of it all anyway? That all of it is messy? Or is it that the mess is too close to home these days?

You can’t really say things were never this fucked up before. Fact is, they always were. Can’t find a time when some people, somewhere, wasn’t doing fucked up shit to some other people. People suck.
Keep a few pieces of strings in a corner and let ‘em stay there for a while. Don’t do a thing, just keep ‘em there and see what happens. They got all tangled. Haven’t they? Nobody made them do it. They certainly didn’t mean to themselves, but here they are, giving you a something to sort out. People are the same way. You throw a bunch of them together, let ‘em interact and pretty soon they manage to get all tangled up, in good ways and bad. The more people you throw in the mix, the more complex patterns you see. Before you know it, a few wise folks decide that for things to work, you need to figure out a few rules to keep things sorted out, you know, so that the system is not too tangled to function. Every now and then the wise guys would disagree on the best way to keep order and start pulling things every which way. Tensions rise, strings tear, and patterns change. Nothing new here, just the magnitudes vary.

Be as it may, perhaps these days with satellite TV, cheap flights, internet and whatnot, there are more people in the mix than ever before. Smaller patterns from every which corner, coming in contact with other patterns, forming a larger pattern,…perhaps the largest the world has ever seen. Wise guys from all around, tugging and pulling frantically, so that their order prevails, all the while ignoring the fact that this is different from what they know, nobody ever been through this and that they don’t really know how to deal with it. Meanwhile tensions rise, strings snap, and whole patterns disappear, forever.  Chaos will rule supreme before a more enduring pattern can emerge. (That is of course if enough strings survive after the madness has passed.)

Now that its summed up, somewhat,…perhaps I can switch off the damned TV for good to invest in something a little more productive. Something that doesn’t go around in the same vicious circles all the time. 

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