Thursday, June 29, 2006

my roommate

I don’t think I mentioned my roommate, Abidur Rahman in any of my posts. Well, he is a cousin of mine who is a couple of years younger than me. And he is quite a character! I’d have to write a book about this guy some day. For now, here is a picture which says a lot about him.

The artist is Turjo, the sixth boy in the family. I’d say his membership into the men’s club is now confirmed.

[Abid says: “Bash kete chete nileo bash e thake” (Even if trimmed, a bamboo is still a bamboo) Go figure :p]


NAB said...

why does the tiger have these...wire loops...coming out of its body? but that's a MAD crazy pic yo! awesome! and your cousin seems more mature than i am. jeez.

men's club, eh? we have a women's at our house instead. too much estrogen running around...

Weatherman said...

hehe…the wires are pinning the tiger to the ground. Where do you think Abidu found the gutts to ride it? ;)

Ours is drowning in testosterone. After the first girl the five of us came along. And then there were more. Not only that the girls our outnumbered, their timing is all wrong. There are huge gaps between the first and the second and the second and the third. You can imagine why there never was a ‘pink’ circle in our bunch. :D

Weatherman said...

Of course its mad crazy! The artist is madder than even me. blood. Gotta make way. :(

NAB said...

hahaa!!! aww, poor abid! to be taunted by a little boy. little boys can be vicious. they scare me. i'm glad I had my pink circle. lolz.

so I am guessing when you say "us", you mean cousins, eh? It's so cool how you're all so close and you live together. I have probably barely spoken a 100 words in total to each of them through out my entire life.